Biblical & Theological Studies

*Not all courses are offered each semester


NT 1111 - Fundamentals of the Faith

A fundamental course in theology designed to give the student a basic understanding of the doctrines of God, man, sin, and stresses the salvation position into which God calls mankind.


NT 1211 - Doctrines of Holiness

An intensive study of the doctrine of heart purity and sanctification as a second definite work of grace.  Scriptural and experiential material is integrated for the purpose of instructing and establishing students in their personal experience of living a sanctified life.

NT 1121 - New Testament Survey

An introductory course which surveys the content, theology, and history of the New Testament with special emphasis on the divisions, authorship, major themes, historical events, and spiritual applications.


NT 2211 - Bible Study Methodology

A basic course in the use of proper methodologies and techniques for accurate Biblical analysis.  Instructions for writing Biblical expositions will be given utilizing atlases, commentaries, word studies, etc.  Both printed and computer software programs will be utilized.


OT 1221 - Old Testament Survey

An introductory course which surveys the content, theology, and history of the Old Testament with special emphasis on the divisions, authorship, and major themes, historical events, and spiritual applications.

NT 2111 - Life of Christ
A study of the life, ministry, message, and methods of Jesus Christ.  Attention will be given to the individual perspectives Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John present on the life of Christ.  Emphasis will be placed on the destiny of God for Christ and humanity, the concept of God authorizing the ministry of Christ, the dynamic presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christ, the ministry of Jesus, the relationship Christ maintained with His father, and His death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and empowerment.

NT 3111 - 1 & 2 Corinthians

An exegetical study of Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthian Church.  Attention will be given to the historical, literary, and grammatical context of that day, the concept of love, spiritual gifts, and the resurrection.  Emphasis will be placed upon the methodology resolving church difficulties.


OT 3141 - Major Prophets

A study of the Old Testament prophets Isaiah through Daniel.  Attention will be given to the messenger, the mission, the method, and the message of the prophets.  Each prophetic and historical message will be examined with its important application to our present day.


OT 3241 - Minor Prophets

A study of the Old Testament prophets Hosea through Malachi.  Attention will be given to the messenger, the mission, the method, and the message of the prophets.  Each prophetic and historical message will be examined with its important application to our present day.

NT 4131 - Daniel/Revelation

An exegetical study of the apocalyptic books of Daniel and Revelation.  Special emphasis will be given to the second coming of Jesus, the tribulation period, and the eternal state of the believer and unbeliever.

NT 4111 - Homiletics I
This course is the study of the role and significance of preaching, the use of scripture, intention, sermon structure and content, rhetorical style, and the basic types of sermons.

NT 4212 - Homiletics II
This course is a continued study of the role and significance of preaching including the use of scripture, content, and sermon structure.  Special emphasis is placed on sermon delivery.

OT 4231 - Pentateuch

A study of the background, history, chronology, customs, and typology of the first five books of the Bible.  Emphasis will be given to the divine purpose of creation, divine plan of redemption, the calling and wilderness wandering of Israel, and the giving of the Mosaic law.

NT 4221 - Prison Epistles
An exegetical study of Paul’s epistles to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and to Philemon.  Emphasis will be given to the theme of each epistle.  Special emphasis will be given to the Christological development and structure of the epistles as a whole and how each epistle fits into the whole.

NT 3211 - Acts
A study of the continued ministry of Jesus in the early church through the presence and working of the Holy Spirit.  The dynamic of the Holy Spirit, the ministry activity of Paul, and the explosive growth of the church will be studied.  Attention will be given to the individual messages recorded in Acts with a view toward developing a Biblical basis for effective missions and evangelism activity in the church today.

NT 3141 – Advanced Hermeneutics
This course is the study of the principles of Biblical interpretation and the basic methods of systematic study.  A survey of the history of Biblical interpretation is included, along with the methods for effective use of research and corollary materials.

NT 4121 - Pneumatology
An intensive study of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  Careful attention will be given to the person, nature, and work of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary church.  Emphasis will be placed on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Godhead, within the church, and within the believer.

NT 3121 - Systematic Theology I
An in-depth investigation into the various prerequisites of the discussion necessary to theology.  Attention will be given to the doctrines of God and revelation.  Special emphasis will be given to the being and nature of God, and to the eternal plurality and unity within the Godhead.  The doctrines of man and sin will also be covered with attention given to the nature and extent of man’s fall. 

NT 3222 - Systematic Theology II
An in-depth investigation into the doctrines of Christ, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the church, and of last things.  Emphasis will be given to the person and work of Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Attention will be given to the necessity, nature, and extent of salvation.  The nature of the Church, its rightful Head, those of whom it is comprised, its mission, its message, and method will also be studied followed by a survey of the events of the last day.

NT 41111 - Systematic Theology III

An in-depth investigation into the doctrines of anthropology, soteriology, and eschatology. Attention will be given to the dichotomy/trichotomy of man and his creation in the image of God. Emphasis will be given to the historical/redemptive survey of salvation. Finally, end-time Bible prophecy will be thoroughly examined.


NT 2221 - Parables of Jesus

An intensive examination of the nature, structure, and purpose of parables as an illustrative tool, and gives an in-depth analysis of why Jesus used parables and why this continues to be an effective tool of communication for today. Students will have the opportunity to prepare lessons using parabolic language.


NT 2121 - Principles of Prayer

The theology and practice of prayer is intended to be a practical survey of prayer in scriptures, the teaching of Christ on the subject, and people throughout history who prayed with passion. The global impact of prayer will be evaluated, as well as the impact of prayer on leadership.


NT 2231 - Apologetics

This course is a study of the defense of the Christian faith. Various approaches to apologetic methods will be examined. Topics such as the existence of God, the deity and resurrection of Jesus, the reality of miracles, and major objections to Biblical doctrines will be analyzed. This course seeks to equip the student with basic knowledge and skills to defend Biblical, sound doctrine. 

OT 4121 – Psalms

This course provides an in-depth study of the Book of Psalms.

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Practical Theology

PTH 4211 – Capstone/Teaching/Writing

This practicum will allow the student the practical experience of observation, development, and institution of personally written materials and lesson plans, programs, study guides, etc. based upon his or her major area of study and ministry calling.

PTH 2141 - Teaching and Reaching Children

This course is designed to teach students the basic theories, approaches, and methods of teaching the Bible to elementary age children.  The use of puppets, drama, skits, flannelgraphs, etc., as well as current technology will be examined.  The published curricula of several companies will be reviewed and evaluated.

PTH 3251 - Writing Sunday School Literature

This course is designed to assist students in understanding the philosophy, purpose, and aims of curriculum.  Special attention is given to curriculum development, course design, and related concepts.  Students will develop a four week program with stated objectives and measurable outcomes.

PTH 3151 - Church Growth

This course provides an introduction to the principles and philosophy of church growth as applied primarily to the North American church.  The student will gain a thorough understanding of principles and strategies for the growth of a church with a concentration on the causes and cures of non-growth.  The student will combine the eternal theological principles of God’s word with relevant contemporary literature in forming a strategy for future church growth.

PTH 3161 - Missiology

This course provides a Biblical, historical, and practical survey of world missions.  A study of the missionary outreach includes the motive, objective, call, and qualifications.  Emphasis is placed upon the spiritual and cultural life of the missionary on the field.

PTH 4181 - Church/School Administration

This course is a study of basic concepts and techniques of Christian Church and School Administration. Basic bookkeeping and the fundamentals of church and Christian School administration will be taught.

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PTH 4171 - Development of a Christian School

This course is designed to prepare students with missionary zeal focusing on planting, structuring and developing a Christian School. The course will provide the basic knowledge and experiences needed to begin a church-based Christian school. Topics covered will include legal requirements and possible certifications, staffing and organization, professional development of staff, recruiting students, fundraising, continuous quality improvement through assessment and planning, and budgeting.

ED 2211 - Introduction to Education

This course emphasizes the Biblical foundation of Education. Needs of the various age groups, current methods and approaches, curriculum and materials, organization and administration in the local church are practical aspects surveyed.

ED 3131 - Methods of Teaching and Management (Pre-Methods)

This course focuses on basic teaching principles and basic instructional methods with the aim of creating an effective lesson plan and explores and incorporates the teaching methods of Jesus. It involves practical experience for the student in preparation for teaching elementary children. A survey of teaching styles which meet children of diverse needs is included. Emphasis is given to observation and careful evaluation.

ED 3221 – Teaching Practicum 1

This course is designed to help students develop their lesson plans and begin integration into the classroom setting as a teacher aide.

ED 3222 – Teaching Practicum 2

This course is designed to develop students in their teaching skills by presenting lessons in the classroom setting.

ITEC 2111 - Media Methods

This course examines the application of various media in ministry contexts in a web-centered world. Media examined include videos, audio, desktop publishing, graphics, computer presentations, and websites. Emphasis is given in integrating this media with web technologies. This course assumes the student possesses a working knowledge of typing, word processing, internet navigation and Windows.

ED 4211 - Student Teaching (Practicum III)

This course provides the potential teacher with practical experience in the classroom. Student teachers must be involved in carefully planned experiences in teaching, classroom activities, and socialization of children. Student teaching will include observation, teacher/parent evaluation, total class instruction and individualized involvement with the pupils.

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General Studies

ENG 1011 - English Grammar and Composition

This course equips students with a firm knowledge of the fundamentals of composition, standard English grammar, punctuation, and style.  The course develops college-level reading, writing, and thinking skills; practical writing skills such as generating and focusing ideas for essays, composing drafts, and polishing (revising and editing) drafts; critical reading skills such as annotating, summarizing, responding, discussing, and synthesizing assigned readings; and critical thinking skills such as analysis; argumentation, and persuasion.

ENG 1311 - Christian Literature

Christian Literature is a composition course focusing on skills required for effective knowledge in theories and methodology of Education, with emphasis on exposition, analysis, and argumentation and also the use of research skills. Fundamental research and critical thinking skills are stressed along with excellence both in content and mechanics. Students will develop skills in writing about some of the most powerful men of God or individuals and their contributions, researching biographical importance of literature contributors, and presenting knowledgeable projects based upon the influence of key biblical persons.


HIS 2111 - History of America

The first half of this course surveys historical development from human origins in North America through the founding of the United States to the end of the Civil War. The second half of this course surveys historical development in the United States, beginning with Reconstruction of the nation during and after the Civil War, and continuing through contemporary times.

COM 2111 - Intro to Communications

This course is designed to introduce students to theory and practice in both interpersonal (one-on-one) communication and public communication.  Focus is on the development of communication competence.  Students will learn to understand, acquire, change, develop and/or improve interpersonal skills as well as public speaking skills.  Learning experiences will include reading, lecture, discussion, and classroom activities with self-critique and feedback from other students and the instructor.

HIS 1111 - Church History

A survey of the history of the Christian Church beginning with the ministry of Christ and including influential aspects such as the Apostolic Church, Protestant Reformation, and the North American Church to the present time.

FAM 2111 - Foundation of the Family

This course provides an overview of the family as an institution.  The emphasis will be upon preparedness for marriage, mate selection, family member status and role, communication and conflict solving concepts, and Biblical principles of marriage and family.

PTH 4161 - Essentials of Christian Leadership

This course will focus on the leadership attributes it takes to be a Christian Leader in your church, your school and your community. Topics covered will include development of strategic visions, effectively recruiting others to a vision, care and feeding of volunteers or staff, and planning and logistics.

MUS 4111 - Music Appreciation

A survey course designed to investigate the nature and role of music in the life of a Christian. There will be an emphasis on church worship, history of music’s role in the church and opportunities to learn and participate in musical experiences.

PTH 3222 - Student Ministry Formation

Service is at the core of the Christian life. Experience in service is especially essential for those who take leadership positions in the Church. Therefore, no Heritage Bible College student’s education will be considered complete without completing the required student ministry assignments. The goals of this training are for students to:


  • Gain confidence to step into spiritual leadership

  • Learn how relationships must be cultivated with different types of people in order to accomplish ministry goals that involve others

  • Commit to a lifetime of ministry regardless of vocational calling

  • Learn to train others in areas such as character, faith, ministry, etc.

More specific objectives are that each student develops a portfolio of experiences through which they demonstrate an ability to:

  • Prepare a Bible lesson

  • Share the Gospel in personal evangelism and soul-winning

  • Become involved with a project that meets the needs of a Christian Community

  • Teach a Bible study

  • Prepare design, and preach a sermon (Required only for Bachelor’s of Biblical Studies)

A weekly report of student activity shall be turned into the Heritage office by 2:00 pm on Tuesday. Student must keep a copy for debriefing sessions.


Graduation requirements are as follows:

  • Six semesters of basic, minimum, student service for at least one hour per week (1/3 credit per semester)

Demonstrate ability to perform each of the five objectives listed above

SCI 1111 – Science Survey

A general overview of the sciences from a Biblical worldview.

FIN 2111 - Christian Finance

A look at finances from a Christian perspective.

MTH 1111 - Business Math

This course introduces students to the mathematical concepts and applications necessary for successful business careers. Topics will include finance charges, cash discounts, commissions, payroll, tax deductions, depreciation, book value, compound interest, net present value, annuities, statistics, and graphs.

REL 1111 – World Religions

Students consider the major teachings, beliefs and devotional practices of the world's religions, including views of the absolute, ceremonial rituals, sacred experiences and prevalent stories. The course will examine how these religions can be contended from a biblical worldview.

PTH 3211 – Personal Evangelism

This course will prepare the student to fulfill the great commission while fulfilling the great commandment. The emphasis will be revealing biblical strategies which provide practical means of incorporating evangelism into the natural flow of life.

MIN 4211 – Ministry Internship

The Ministry Internship provides an experience with a Christian organization under the supervision of a qualified professional Christian mentor (On-Site Supervisor). The student utilizes the skills directly related to the his/her academic preparation through working in an applied ministry setting with special emphasis on leading, caring, evangelizing, proclaiming, relating, and growing.

COUN 3211 – Biblical Counseling

This course introduces the concept of biblically based, Christ-centered counseling. Course includes a thorough explanation of biblical counseling; the role and character of the counselor; the relationship of counseling to the local church; and a comparison of the biblical counseling model with secular counseling models.

ITEC 1111 – Introduction to Heritage

An introductory class to Heritage Bible College generally and technology specifically.

MEE 3211 – Teaching and Reaching Children

This course will place emphasis upon the need for youth ministry in the local church and para-church organizations.  It will examine current trends and issues in various models of child evangelism.  The theological foundations and ministry implications of such models will be emphasized.  The student will develop a relevant model of child evangelism and teaching the bible to children.


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