Mission & Goals


The mission of Heritage Bible College is to equip students with professional competence, academic distinction, and an informed Biblical worldview so that they will be set apart as people whose experience is Pentecostal, whose standard is holiness, and whose goal is excellence in all things for the Glory of God.


To achieve the above mission, the following institutional goals are to be achieved in the lives of all students and in all programs:

Professional Competence: 

  • Exhibit evidence of having mastered core competencies
    and acquired knowledge related to their field of study.


Academic Distinction: 

  • Exhibit a high degree of information literacy and communication skills.

  • Exhibit an introductory understanding of a broad range of subjects.

  • Exhibit an ability to learn on one's own and a lifelong passion to continue learning.


Informed Biblical Worldview:  

  • Exhibit evidence of being Christ-centered through knowledge of the Bible,
    active and faithful involvement in church, personal testimony and lifestyle.

  • Exhibit evidence of Christian character through the internalization of the Biblical principles
    taught by Heritage and respect for its core values and the faith and practices
    from the Pentecostal Holiness worldview.

  • Exhibit evidence of commitment to ministry, regardless of educational field or profession,
    by faithful participation in ministry opportunities of the local church and global evangelism. 


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