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Hezekiah Polk Memorial Library 

The Hezekiah Polk Library is an integral part of the educational process.  It was founded in 2014 and is named in honor of Hezekiah Polk and his sacrificial service as deacon of Savannah Holy Church of God for 44 years. It currently contains more than 20,000 volumes which are dedicated to student enrichment.


The Heritage Seminary library is a strategic institutional asset that provides quality resources and services to promote student academic success, enhance spiritual growth, inspire ministry, and facilitate faculty instruction to achieve the goal of excellence in all things for the Glory of God.   

The library endeavors to provide adequate and accessible quality educational resources and services in support of Christian Education and Biblical studies intended for Homiletics.  The library consistently provides quality educational materials in support of the curricular and developmental needs of the students involved in various academic programs of the seminary to facilitate theological education.


A second purpose of the library is to serve the information needs of alumni, church members, students of Butler Christian Academy, and other libraries as time and resources allow.

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