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Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Business

Program Objectives

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Business program will complete courses in general education, Bible, and professional core. Coursework will equip students to use the Bible in light of contemporary issues. It will address both the factual content and the personal character needed for best business practices while establishing both an ethical and moral basis for sound business practice.


Students completing the Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Business will demonstrate the following:

  1. [Professional Studies] Formulate a core level of business acumen allowing effective engagement in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

  2. [Financial Resources] Develop, allocate, monitor, and defend organizational finances to accomplish the goals of the organization.

  3. [General Education] Distinguish the understanding of worldviews through study of humanities, social science, hard science, and communication to impact their world for Christ.

  4. [Leadership and Human Resources] Influence others through effective management and leadership within varying cultural environments.

  5. [Bible and Theology] Cultivate an ongoing Christian worldview as the foundation and source for business, personal, and ethical practices.

Program Objectives

To graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Business, the student must complete 122 semester credits. This includes 54 credits in professional studies (15 in professional core and 39 in major), 35 credits of general studies, and 33 credits of Bible.

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