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Faculty and Staff


Brina Davis

Mrs. Brina Davis

M.L.I.S - Director of Business

Assistant to the President



Mrs. Beth Ralston

B.A. - Dean of Students

Roger Peyton

Mr. Roger Peyton

A.A. - Director of Development

Gregg Miles

Mr. Gregg Miles

Ed.S - Academic Dean

Dr. Ryan Ralston

Dr. Ryan Ralston

Ph.D - President


Delaine Barnes

Mrs. Delaine Barnes

M.Ed - Director of General Education

Bonnie Miles

Mrs. Bonnie Miles

M.Ed - Professor

Rachel Padgett

Mrs. Rachel Padgett

M.Ed - Director of Education

Dr. Ed Ralston

Dr. Ed Ralston

Th.D. - Director of Biblical Studies

Aaron Asselin

Mr. Aaron Asselin

M.A. - Professor

Josh Decker

Mr. Josh Decker

M.A. - Professor


Mrs. Sarah Lynn Heath

M.Ed - Adjunct Professor

Joe Salter

Mr. Joe Salter 

M.A. - Professor


Theda Faulkner

Mrs. Theda Faulkner

Residence Assistant

Shelby Ralston.jpg

Mrs. Shelby Ralston

Food Service Worker

Shayla Asselin.jpg

Mrs. Shayla Asselin

M.B.A. - Administrative Assistant

Accounts Payable

Valerie Stephens

Mrs. Valerie Stephens

B.A. - Registrar/Enrollment Manager

Accreditation Liaison

Director of Assessment and Planning

Melissa Morris

Mrs. Melissa Morris

Food Service Worker

PJ Mallory.jpg

Mr. PJ Mallory

Residence Assistant

Robby Kelly.jpg

Mr. Robby Kelly

Maintenance Specialist

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