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Tuition and Fees (Per Semester)

Tuition: $118.75 per credit hour (Students usually take between 16-18 credit hours per semester.)

Dorm Rent: $700 per semester 

Meal Plan: $750 per semester 

Student Participation Fee: $50 per semester 

Registration Fee: $25 per semester 

Library Fee: $50 per semester 

Technology Fee: $150 per semester 

Room Deposit: $100 per semester (refundable upon inspection) 

Textbooks: Approximately $200 per semester (variable) 

Missions Trip (annually in February): Approximately $1000 (there are fundraising opportunities) 

Payment Plans:

Fifty percent of all charges shall be paid at registration. The remaining amount shall be paid in 4 equal payments due by the 10th day of the month. All semester fees are due by the first day of final exams. 


Below are the merit-based scholarships available. Additional donor scholarships are available and will be awarded by the Student Life Committee to students who have completed the Financial Assistance Application.

Tuition per semester

per semester


$118.75 per credit hour

$1,550 (Room/Board)
$300 (Fees)

Savannah Holy Church of God Scholarship

$89.06 per credit hour

$1,550 (Room/Board)
$300 (Fees)

Full Time Ministry Scholarship

$59.38 per credit hour

$1,550 (Room/Board)
$300 (Fees)

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