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Tuition and Fees (Per Semester)

Tuition: $118.75 per credit hour (Students usually take between 16-18 credit hours per semester.)

Dorm Rent: $700 per semester 

Meal Plan: $750 per semester 

Student Participation Fee: $50 per semester 

Registration Fee: $25 per semester 

Library Fee: $50 per semester 

Technology Fee: $150 per semester 

Room Deposit: $100 per semester (refundable upon inspection) 

Textbooks: Approximately $200 per semester (variable) 

Missions Trip (annually in February): Approximately $1000 (there are fundraising opportunities) 

Payment Plans:

Fifty percent of all charges shall be paid at registration. The remaining amount shall be paid in 4 equal payments due by the 10th day of the month. All semester fees are due by the first day of final exams. 


Below are the merit-based scholarships available. Additional donor scholarships are available and will be awarded by the Student Life Committee to students who have completed the Financial Assistance Application.

Tuition per semester

Room/Board/Meals/Fees per semester


$118.75 per credit hour

$1,550 (Room/Board/Meals)
$300 (Fees)

Savannah Holy Church of God Scholarship

$89.06 per credit hour

$1,550 (Room/Board/Meals)
$300 (Fees)

Full Time Ministry Scholarship

$59.38 per credit hour

$1,550 (Room/Board/Meals)
$300 (Fees)

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