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Department Goals

Department of General Education

Students completing the General Education core will exhibit:

  • [Biblical Worldview] to make decisions and judgements through the lens of God’s word.

  • [Communication: writing, speaking] enabling effective exchange of thoughts and expressing ideas through the use of correct writing and engaging speech.

  • [Soft Sciences: psychology, sociology, anthropology] To study human beliefs and their evolution over time, by examining them through the lens of individuals and communities throughout the ages.

  • [Hard Sciences: math, science] To use critical thinking and problem-solving technics to address simple and complex mathematical and scientific problems.

  • [Humanities: literature, history, philosophy] to make decisions incorporating what has been learned and will be learned (lifelong learning) through the fields of the humanities: literature, history, philosophy, and the arts.

Department of Biblical Studies

Students completing the Biblical Studies core will exhibit:​

  • Interpret and articulate the major tenets of Bible doctrines and demonstrate the ability to distinguish truth from error.

  • Employ proper methods of interpretation in biblical study and teaching.

  • Illustrate skill in assessing and utilizing classic and current resources applicable to one’s field of study.

  • Represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ in lifestyle, writing, and public address and ministry.​

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