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Unlocked has been written to assist young Christians navigate the difficulties of finding and following God's will for their lives. Unfortunately, in contemporary American Christianity, there is a lot of misinformation concerning this important subject, and we aim to provide a biblical perspective on this issue. In short, this book argues that God's will is more like a journey than just a single destination. It's not something that we will hopefully obtain in the future; it's something that we can accomplish right now! We strongly emphasize that God has most expressly revealed his will in the Bible. Too often, we neglect this divine revelation to our detriment. We must realign our priorities by focusing, first and foremost, on what God has already said about his desires for our life before we ask the hard questions about particular careers or potential spouses. Inevitably, every Christian will encounter various problems along this journey, such as insecurity, fear, and doubt. God has provided powerful solutions to these hindrances in the Scriptures, and we strived to unpack this biblical teaching in a helpful way. Unlocked will fill you with a greater desire to accomplish God's will for your life and equip you to better handle the challenges that will arise along this journey.

Unlocked: Keys to Finding and Following God's Will

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