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Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies program provides students with a foundational biblical and theological worldview. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Biblical Studies program will complete courses in general education, Bible, and professional core. Coursework will equip students to use the Bible in light of contemporary issues, while developing oral and written skills in communication that are key to both personal and professional ministry settings.

Students completing the Bachelor of Biblical Studies program will exhibit the following:

  • Effective oral and written communication.

  • Application of a Pentecostal Holiness worldview as it relates to church disciplines in contemporary society. 

  • Ability to evaluate ministry application in view of Biblical knowledge and church history. 

  • Skills to lead a ministry in a local church.

Program Objectives

To graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Pastoral Ministry, the student must complete 122 semester credits. This includes 54 credits in professional studies (15 in professional core and 39 in major), 35 credits of general studies, and 33 credits of Bible.

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